Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to Okla-home-a

Sadly, this is my last day here in Texas. I fly back to OK tomorrow evening so I am spending today packing up my belongings (praying my luggage doesn't get lost again) and cleaning Daniel's room. I am going to miss Dan so much. This past 2 weeks went by too fast.
For the past week I have been obsessed with 2 things:
The SacconeJolys vlogs.
Check out their channel here.
I have been enjoying them mainly because it kills time while I wait for Dan to get off work but I also like that they live in Ireland and I am able to see different parts of the world without leaving this comfy bed. Although, I'm still getting used to them driving on the opposite side of the rode. Plus they have a cute daughter, funny puppies, and an average, young couple. What's not to like?
Hide and Seek.
Buy this book and the rest of the series here.
This is book 4 of the Lying Game series by Sara Shepard and it is ah-may-zing! It is a young adult series so it's a pretty quick and easy read but Shepard does an amazing job with making the reader get hooked so that you never stop turning the pages. I probably read 10 chapters yesterday before realizing I was halfway done with the book already. I'm hoping to finish this series, I have 2 more books after this one, before I really dive into the Pretty Little Liars series. I warn, if you watched the ABC Family tv series of the Lying Game, it is completely different! I find it better but I still imagine the tv characters faces when I read the book.
I am so ready to see my sweet fur babies though. Two weeks is a long time to go without a furry snuggle. I am so thankful for my mother for taking care of both of them. I bought the boys "souvenirs" as a treat for when I come back!
Happy Saturday folks!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't Mind Me, Just Daydreaming...

Today I have fall on my mind. I have never considered myself a fall lover. My birthday is in the summer so I always used that excuse as a summer lover but lately I find myself constantly wanting it to be fall so I can start decorating and doing fall-y things!! I am not a coffee drinker but I am trying to talk myself into it and said fall will be the time I try to enjoy it. Here is something from Pinterest - none other - that leaves me wanting!!!
Who doesn't think pumpkins are the most whimsical thing about fall?
Now I can't wait to burn my Pumpkin Spice candle from Bath and Body Works, live in sweats and a hoodie, and read a book!
Happy Thursday loves!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Walk Around the Property

It's a miracle! 3 days in a row!! I highly doubt I'll post everyday when I get back to my daily schedule but I have some time to kill..

Yesterday, there was an awesome rain storm that swept into Texas. Lots of loud booms of thunder and lots of cold hard rain. Very unlike Oklahoma storms. So shortly after the storm lifted, I felt cabin fever and decided to take a walk around the property Dan is staying on and found some really cool and beautiful plants. The quality is kind of crappy because I took them off of Dan's phone.

The closest I've come to cactus. Yikes!

Loved the fresh rain drops!
Another wild flower.

They have what we think is a lime tree
growing in their front garden.

Two palm trees in the backyard.
Gimme a break, I'm from Oklahoma.

And lastly, their wild "house" cat I
promptly named Tibby the Tabby.
Now off to send this Wednesday at the laundry mat!
Happy Hump Day Ya'll!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthday Boy Week

For the past week I have been visiting Daniel in Texas. The week started out really rough. Daniel joked about my luggage getting lost and to our surprise he foresees the future! To say the least, I wasn't even slightly amused by his new found gift. I flew in Sunday and my bag was finally found on Tuesday. I have never been so happy to see my bright purple bag! Speaking of purple, how the heck do you not see that when transferring luggage?!

Luckily I had all my valuables, you know, the necessities, in my PanAm traveler bag. The laptop, books, phone... the stuff that can sure save a rainy day but seems entirely useless when you have no comfy pants. This beaut scored me extra pretzels by the flight attendant! (Don't worry, I learned my lesson on keeping extra clothes in my carry on for said incident!)

Daniel had his 24th birthday on Wednesday the 14th and we decided to go spend it in San Antonio on the Riverwalk. It was a blast!! Dan and I aren't fancy shmancy people. The Hampton Inn is our "fine" inn but we decided to explore our options and stay at the Grand Hyatt in downtown San Antonio for the same price. It was a nice hotel, but it was too nice! We felt as though we had to spend more time in the hotel for that reason than exploring. However, the view was spectacular enough from our nineteenth floor view to stay in. We explored the Tower of America last time we visited S.A. but it was still enjoyable seeing it all lit up as we settled in for the night.

On Daniel's birthday night we decided to take it easy and head down to the bar inside the hotel. I've always been a beer drinker so a mix bar was a whole new territory for me. I was afraid the cute Columbian bartender was going to make fun of me when I told her I've never really done the bar scene. Instead, she marked his birthday in the history books and made us have the most enjoyable time. We tried several different drinks that were probably way more potent than they tasted and Dan and I truly relaxed from the stress of money, work, and distance. I might add a sidenote that the Hyatt was hosting a PetCo convention and all the managers were drinking in the bar as well. Stephanie, the bartender, ended up surprising Dan with a birthday cheesecake and that began the birthday song from all the drunk PetCo managers and even included free shots on them! I never knew PetCo employees could be so fun! Seriously, this boy got better treatment on his 24th birthday than I did on my 21st!

And to top it off, Stephanie only charged us $28.00 for a clearly triple digit tab! We had to return the favor....

All in all, I am not ready to depart from my other half. Although it sucks sitting here 8 hours through the day by myself in the middle of small town South Texas, the few hours Dan and I sit and hang out with each other in the evening makes it worth it. I truly took the times prior of him moving for granted. I am waiting on pins and needles for him to come back to Oklahoma! This week was defiantly what we needed and have fallen even more in love. (It's okay to barf, being lovey dovey is a puketastic thing!) We ended the trip with seeing my women crush, Miss Jennifer Aniston, in the very raunchy but hilarious film, We're the Millers. Highly recommend. To top it off, I've been in my new Friend's related Frankie Say Relax tee (surprise from Dan) and Kelly Kapowski hair in the middle of a Texan thunder storm. Thanks for the tip Frankie!

Conclusion, we learned three lessons this trip:

1. Don't jinx luggage getting "lost." It'll come back to bite you in the bum and you have to buy your girlfriend new clothes.

2. Always stick to the Hampton Inn when that seems high class to you. (No judging! Have you slept in their beds?!)

and 3. Make an effort to enjoy your time with loved ones because when it is limited by 700 miles and a 30 minute phone call every night, you cannot complain.

Shout out to Stephanie at Bar Rojo at Grand Hyatt Hotel for taking care of us!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome Aboard!

Hello there!
I'm Sarah. I'm a 21 year old that decided to start a blog as I stared in a mirror plucking my first gray, albeit silver, hair and wondering how am I going to remember who I am and the life I have without some sort of documentation. It hit me, I've followed several people on YouTube and blogs for the past 5 years and can recall historical events upon their life but lack the knowledge of my very own. Cue the big light bulb above my head.
Although I could go the old paper and pencil way of sharing private and sometimes downright embarrassingly stupid moments of my life, it is 2013 and it seems normal to talk to people I don't know via interwebs. So I shall begin with introducing myself to you and why I chose my name.

I've decided the ironic and cheesy name of Searching for Sarah because that's truly what I am doing. I am soul searching. Finding my calling. Jumping off the cliff. Or whatever way you want to put it...
Although I know it takes an entire lifetime to truly know who you are, it's the little things that help mold that foundation.
I haven't devoted the entirety of this blog to be specific, more of bits and bobs slathered in one place.
So let the introduction begin!

As stated, I'm Sarah!
I am a very proud owner of two awesome fur babies. Beware, I foresee lots of posts in the future...

This is Maddix! He is my man loathing mutt. He's a 8 year old German Shepherd Beagle mix rescue and is the very first dog I have ever had. I received him after begging my mother and using the excuses of missing my older sister when she moved to college and being lonely. I was neither. This little guy has made me the animal lover I am today. He taught me more than just responsibility. But I'm sure we'll add on that later..

Then you have Grayson. My 3 year old Golden Retriever. This was my dream dog. This is the dog you want to find when you need some laughs. We have promptly named him the "clearance puppy" because he was the last of the litter and the breeder just wanted him gone so knocked the price. Now don't be fooled by the label, he is a very intelligent dog, just does some unintelligent things sometimes. Regardless, he is well loved and the baby of the group. But unlike Maddix, Grayson could make the meanest person in the world fall in love with him.

I am currently in a long term and recently long distance relationship with an amazing man, Daniel. I guess you could say Dan and I are serious, I mean we did buy our first beautiful home together last year. I think that classifies as serious, right? We also call Grayson, the only dog we raised together, our son. We aren't those people, just love our dogs. Daniel moved to Texas shortly after we bought our house to follow up his career in the oil industry and to help our dream of becoming debt free. More on that...

At 18 years old, I started a YouTube channel following my trials of becoming debt free. (I'm still happily vlogging just on a bit of a hiatus.) When Dan and I decided to buy a house we knew that becoming debt free would be the biggest commitment we would ever have to take but also the most rewarding. So that's what we're doing! Although we are not even close to making a dent into becoming debt free, we have never been happier. I admire Daniel though. He bought a house and a couple months later moved so he could pay off the house to better enjoy it. In November it will be a year since he's lived in Texas.

Lastly, what you need to know about me. I am a frugal gal. I will find every way imaginable to stretching my dollar the extra mile. I am also an organizational and clean freak Nazi. I used to be that friend that would stay up all night organizing and cleaning my friend's room at sleepovers. Parents loved me, friends not so much. Speaking of Friends, you know the tv show? Yeah, I'm obsessed! I have the gift of telling you what season, what episode, and what happens within 5 seconds of hearing the show. I love all things Pinterest. And recently became obsessed with wine.

I am excited to start this fun documentation. It is more for me but follow along as my embarrassing moments may lead to your hilarity.